Monday, July 26, 2010

Sorry for the late notice, but ...

I was the lucky winner of a contest over at Our Growing Garden for a Gift Certificate from My Baby Clothes Boutique ( I used my gift certificate to purchase an adorable pair of little girl jeans, and I was very happy with them! They are so cute, and the customer service at the My Baby Clothes Boutique was very helpful! I would highly recommend this store to anyone!

When I was shopping with my gift certificate, I found a whole bunch of other baby clothes that I would have loved to have purchased, but I stayed within the limit of my gift certificate.

Well, guess what?! There's another great contest to win a $25 gift certificate to My Baby Clothes Boutique. I hope I win this one, too, so that I can go back and get some more cute clothes for my baby! Unfortunately, I haven't given you much notice, as the deadline to enter is July 26th 11:59 PM CST. Still, if you are reading this in time, then I highly recommend that you head on over to to get your name entered! You won't regret it (especially if you win)!

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