Monday, July 19, 2010

My Love of Tea Continues

Why do I love tea?! Oh let me count the ways. 1) Sitting down with a hot cup of tea (or cold glass of ice tea) is soothing and relaxing, as is the ritual of preparing tea. 2) Tea has numerous health benefits. 3) Tea with sugar or honey satisfies my sweet tooth! 4) Tea has a lovely flavor. 5) Tea is a wonderful beverage to share with friends. 6) Tea can lift your spirits or make you feel more energetic. 7) Tea is grown all over the world, and by studying tea, you can learn a little about different places and different peoples. 8) I adore antique teapots and tea cups. Tea definitely is a beverage that is served with cute utensils! 9) Tea is like wine in that you can find a tea to complement nearly any type of food! 10) Tea provides an excuse to hold a tea party! And I could go on and on ...

In the blog world, I found a fellow tea lover over at Preppy Girl Meets World. She's giving away an IngenuiTEA teapot, a guide to tea, and 4 oz. of a blend of tea of the winner's choice as part of her birthday month. Happy Birthday MRM!

If you have a love affair with tea, too, then jump over to to enter by July 20th.

Also, if you want to learn more about AdaptabiliTEA, bop on over here:

And when you're all done with this, you can go have a nice cuppa.
Good luck!

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